Motorists have to carry road safety products when driving in most European countries to remain legal. British drivers that fail to comply risk an on the spot fine or even worse, a serious accident.

Motorists driving in some European countries need to carry a warning triangle, spare bulbs, first aid kit, yellow jacket and a fire extinguisher. The French and Spanish rules are very strict and on the spot fines are rigidly enforced.

British motorists do not need to carry any safety products at home. Thousands of accidents could be prevented. Motorists are often killed when they stop at the roadside because they don’t have a warning triangle or yellow jacket. Blown bulbs are the cause of fatal accidents and fires could be avoided by carrying a fire extinguisher.

European legislation will eventually force British motorists to match the European safety standards by requiring certain items to be carried while driving in the UK. Until then it’s up to the British motorist to decide on their own safety policy.

A complete ‘European Travel Kit’ has been developed to include the legal requirements when travelling to any European country and would bring added safety to motorists in the UK. The Travel Kit includes a warning triangle, spare bulb and fuse kit, yellow jacket, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, plus a headlamp deflector kit and a GB sticker which is essential for European motorists. A tyre fix aerosol that can seal a flat is also included, due to the fact that nearly 10% of all vehicle breakdowns are due to a puncture.

The ‘Rossini European Travel Kit’ is supplied in a compact carry case with Velcro backing to secure it in the boot of any vehicle, ready for immediate use.

‘The Rossini European Travel Kit’ costs £69. Carriage is free within the UK – visit or call 0870 977 9666.