We operate a fully legal process with the aim of ensuring that your vehicle is transferred to Spanish plates with the least fuss and inconvenience to yourselves.

We provide:

01 Full matriculation and engineers report. This is a one-off process to ensure that your vehicle matches its original specification and can be accepted into Spain.

02 ITV inspection. This is the Spanish equivalent of the UK MOT and is very thorough. Once you car has passed this, the certificate is valid for two years if your car is less than ten years old (one year if older).

03 Registration documents (often called a log book)

04 Proof of any taxes paid

05 New Spanish number plates (you get to keep the old ones!)

Whilst most of our clients have British registered cars, we can provide the same service for vehicles registered anywhere in the world as the process is essentially the same.

Similarly, if you have bought a Spanish registered car and want to change the documents to your name, we can arrange this too.

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